My name is Ali Roberts. I have spent most of my professional career teaching in primary schools, specialising in English, Drama and Art. I’ve had a wonderful time at the expense of my poor, long-suffering pupils! I have now turned my attention to another of my passions, scribbling and inventing stories! 

I recently completed my MA in Children's Book Illustration in Cambridge and am excited to be involved in the world of illustration.

Using my trusty pencils, pens, inks and colours I like to invent stories with characters who inhabit everyday places where,  just sometimes, rather unexpected things happen! I like my pictures and the people in them to provoke conversation: what are they talking about or thinking? Where have they come from? What might happen next? Having worked with children and having two of my own, I have a pretty good idea as to what piques their interest and what makes them laugh! 

I live in Cambridge with my historian husband, Adrian and have two grown up children, Oliver and Emily.

If you would like to get in touch :

email:  alisonroberts3057@hotmail.com

Instagram: Ali Roberts Illustration